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Texas Ranch Recognized for Outstanding Environmental Stewardship

DENVER (July 15, 2016) – The Turkey Track Ranch, owned by the Whittenburg and Cole families of Texas, was selected as one of six regional honorees of the Environmental Stewardship Award Program (ESAP). The award, announced during the 2016 Cattle Industry Summer Business Meeting, recognizes the outstanding stewardship and conservation efforts practiced on the ranch. This year’s regional winners will compete for the national award, which will be announced during the Annual Cattle Industry Convention in February 2017.
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What Market Do You Want To Win?
The American rancher is amazing—give us a target and a little incentive, and we will produce it. However, the challenge of late is trying to determine what environment we are operating in and what the targets are.
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5 Tips to Keep Your Cattle Safe in the Summer Heat

In my neck of the woods, the wind, heat and lack of rain are creating the perfect storm for a drought. Folks further west of our ranch are already selling pairs as they run short of pasture and feed. Summer is in full swing, and as the temperatures reach scorching heights, it’s time to start thinking about ways to keep the cowherd safe and comfortable.
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How Low is Too Low When Selecting Low Birth Weight Bulls?
An interesting question came up when a panel of seedstock producers took the stage during an open house at the University of Nebraska Gudmundsen Research facility in Whitman, Neb. A producer from the audience wanted to know if he selects bulls for lower birth weights, is he short-changing himself?
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